granada esencial
granada esencial

Essential Granada

Panoramic visit by City centre and Albayzin

Discover with us, the most important moument in Andalusia, and, the two historical quarters in the city, two faces of Granada´s History: Albayzin and City centre

 3 hours 2 hours

 Not recommended to visit with mobility problems

 Immediate confirmation

 Audio reception system to listen to the guide’s explanations

 Coffe bar situated in Alhambra´s Ticket Box right side

In the morning, we will visit the Alhambra and the Generalife,

making a complete tour through all corners of the best-preserved Muslim Spanish palatine city of the Middle Ages. You will be fascinated by the richness of the decoration of its rooms, by the monumentality of its architecture, and by the exoticism of its gardens.

Our guides will immerse you both in history, as in the art and heritage so huge, that offers this unique wonder in the world. You will visit all the spaces and visiting rooms of the Monumental Complex of the Alhambra, including the Medina, the Alcazaba, the Nasrid Palaces and the Generalife. In the afternoon, we will continue our journey in time through the historic center and the Lower Albayzin. Two neighborhoods, despite their proximity, show historical realities totally different from the city, although they were born at the same time. We will visit the Corral del Carbón, the Alcaicería, Plaza de Bib Rambla, Pasiegas, Cathedral and Royal Chapel (in a panoramic way), Plaza Nueva, the beautiful Carrera del Darro or the Paseo de los Tristes.

The best way to know the past of Granada in a panoramic way.


Sanitary Recommendations COVID:

  • All participants must wear face masks and carry disinfectant gel. Otherwise they will not be able to join the tour.
  • We will strive for maximum safe distance during the tour.
  • Provided electronic devices will be exclusively for personal use only and will have been previously disinfected.


We will make you enjoy your stay in Granada!