Cathedral and Royal Chapel

interior de la catedral de Granada

Visit with us the Monumental Granada, a place marked by history, which continues to preserve Hispanic-Muslim elements, but which is surpassed by the greatness of the Gothic and Renaissance

 2 hours

 Does not include access tickets to the Cathedral and Royal Chapel

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 Morning or afternoon shift

 Monument to Isabella the Catholic and Christopher Columbus

 To visit Granada, wear comfortable shoes and a bottle of water

Tour Description

The historic center of the city of Granada is the punto de encuentro del resto de barrios que componen la ciudad. Its inhabitants began to found it in the 11th century,

when it became the city's Arab commercial district and, after the Reconquest of Granada in 1492, it was the place chosen by the first Christians to settle.

It is therefore a space that mixes two cultures, two histories, since it is not strange to find historicist buildings from the 19th century next to an old refuge for merchants from the Arab period, or alhóndiga.

The two great monuments erected in the 16th century, as the center of the new life of the city, stand out as exceptional points of this visit: the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel.

The first of them, a mixture of styles and one of the tallest cathedrals in Europe. While the second, it becomes an essential point for being the place where the remains of the Catholic Monarchs rest.

A jewel of Elizabethan Gothic.


COVID-19 health recommendations:

  • All attendees must wear their own masks and disinfectant gel. Otherwise you will not be able to make the visit.
  • In the groups we will try to keep safety distances.
  • The hearing aids provided will be previously disinfected and for exclusive individual use.


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