The best things to do in Seville city

Sightseeing in Seville means soaking up a stately city, full of charm in each of its neighborhoods, enjoying strolling along the Guadalquivir River, eating high-quality tapas or visiting its majestic cathedral. In addition, it has a wide range of proposals and plans to do in Seville.

If you are thinking of visiting the Andalusian capital, in our article we offer you plans to do in Seville capital, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, which you will fall in love with from the moment you enter its doors.

Why visit the capital of Andalusia?

To visit Seville is to walk through a unique and free atmosphere, since the city has its own soul, color in each of its corners, the aroma of orange blossom and its generous, cheerful and fun people.

It is a city that is the birthplace of countless artists, many of them representative icons of Spain. In addition, it is a symbol of flamenco and festivities, you can’t miss its fantastic April fair.

Another reason to go sightseeing in Seville is that no matter how many times you have visited, you will always find a new reason to return.

Things to do in Seville city

What to do in Seville city?

The Andalusian capital was recognized as the best city in the world to visit in 2018. There are plenty of things to see and plans to do in Seville city. Our advice is to visit it in autumn and winter, a spectacular time and where you will not have to endure high temperatures, since in summer it stands out for having the highest temperatures in Spain.

Whether you’re planning to visit the city in a single day, or you’re planning to spend a couple of days or three. We are going to show you the essential places to see in Seville and enjoy its atmosphere.

Seville Cathedral & Giralda

Of course it is the most important monument to visit in Seville, every route through the Andalusian capital must have in its itinerary the emblematic Cathedral with its Giralda.

These are the most majestic monuments to see in Seville, the Giralda tower was built at the end of the twelfth century and from its bell tower you can see magnificent views of the city.

The Cathedral stands out for its Gothic architectural model, its Renaissance halls, its interior courtyard of orange trees and the Church of El Salvador. It’s worth paying the entrance fee and wandering around for hours.

Façade of the Cathedral and Giralda of Seville

Visit the Alcázares

The Real Alcázar is a 10th-century palace that stands out for being a construction that fuses Islamic, Mudejar, Gothic and Baroque art. It is a Sevillian architectural marvel and where the kings of Spain stay when they visit the city.

Inside the fortresses you can get lost in its gardens, courtyards, halls and see its peacocks and fish. It is an enclosure that you need a ticket to access, but guided tours are also allowed to get to know the palace in more depth.

Barrio de Santa Cruz

If you visit the capital of Seville, it is essential that you get lost in the narrow streets of its old Jewish quarter, the Santa Cruz neighborhood.

This neighbourhood stands out for its white houses, several typical Andalusian squares with orange trees to rest in their shade. Or its bars to eat some tapas and portions of traditional food.

You have really made one of the best plans in Seville city, if you have walked through the Callejón del Agua, the Plaza de Santa Cruz, the Plaza de Santa Marta… picturesque places you shouldn’t miss.

The Plaza de España and María Luisa Park

Both the Plaza de España and the María Luisa Park are one of the essential things to do in Seville. They are emblematic places with a special charm, and you can also park in the surroundings and get lost in the park’s gardens.

The park was donated by the Infanta Maria Luisa in the 19th century. Years later, beautiful corners were built within it, such as the islet of the birds, the garden of the lions, the fountain of the frogs, among others.

Plaza de España

The Plaza de España, located inside the park, is the most important monument to visit in Seville. It was built by Aníbal González in 1929. Here, you can take a boat ride along the canal of more than 500 meters and visit its 48 benches of tiles and busts that represent illustrious characters in the history of Spain. The Spanish provinces are also represented (although the two current Canary Islands provinces are shown as unified).

You can visit it for free and stay inside for several hours, the park is open every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Get lost in Triana

Another of the typical neighbourhoods to visit in Seville is the Triana neighbourhood. It is one of the most charismatic places you can find in the city, you will only have to cross the Isabel II bridge to enjoy an authentic Sevillian neighborhood.

Highlights include the food market, the Capilla del Carmen, the pedestrian area for eating, tapas or shopping, or its famous Betis street. You should also not miss a flamenco show in Triana, the birthplace of great Sevillian artists.

So far our most important places to see in Seville capital, although the city offers much more to tourists and you will always have some monuments to visit such as the Archivo de Indias, the Maestranza bullring, the Casa de Pilatos, among others.

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