Isabel la Católica Route


Get to know the city of Granada by the hand of a unique character, Isabel the Catholic, who will change the city of Granada forever after her arrival in 1492, inaugurating the Modern History of the city

2 hours

Access ticket to the Royal Chapel not included

Immediate confirmation

Morning or afternoon shift

Monument to Isabel la Católica y Cristóbal Colón

To visit Granada, bring comfortable shoes and a bottle of water

Tour Description

The best-known History of Our Queen, Isabella the Catholic, is strongly linked to the city of Granada. After ten years of war, which will surround the last Arabs of the peninsula, the Nasrids, the Catholic Monarchs will find a magical city.

So much so that Queen Isabella began to identify the city with the famous symbol of Granada, a symbol of her power over the peninsula and the Americas.

Likewise, the Catholic Monarchs played a decisive role in the new modern city of Granada, introducing improvements and modifications in the urban fabric, a new art but without ever forgetting the peculiarity of this beautiful city.

So important was Granada that Isabel wanted to be buried in this city, so that the same land that had brought them to glory would lead them to the glory of eternal rest.


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