Flamenco Show


A special night, in an incomparable environment: art and passion, in the heart of Granada (Plaza Nueva). A typical Tablao, which hosts a show worth seeing if you visit the city.

1 Hour

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Various Shifts

Tablao La Alboreá: Calle Pan Nº3 (Plaza Nueva) 18009. Grenada

Possibility of dinner - (Consult us)

Tour Description

The cast that today enjoys the Tablao La Alboreá make us be recognized nationally. World-class artists such as Antonio Canales, El Carpeta, Lucía 'La Piñona', Jero Maya, Camarón de Pitita, Javier Latorre, Pol Vaquero, José El Torombo and El Barullo. Lola Pérez, El Rapico, Belén López and a long etcetera, have already been with us.

We offer two shows a day, at 7 pm. and 20.45h. of 1h. duration.

The price of general admission tickets (including drinks) is 20 euros or 18 euros for seniors/students.

The daily line-up is made up of four professional artists: cantaor/a, guitar, bailaor and bailaora (female and male dancers).

We are located in the center of Granada (Plaza Nueva) and our seating capacity is approximately 90 seats.

The staff working at La Alboreá always tries to offer an exceptional service to our clientele. That is why we offer waiters and ushers with knowledge of English, French and Italian.

Tablao La Alboreá: Calle Pan Nº3 (Plaza Nueva) 18009. Grenada


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