Arabian Bath


A haven of peace during your visit to the city, live a complete and relaxing experience through this unique space with bath, tea tasting and massage, if desired.

1 hour and a half

Different products

Immediate confirmation

Several shifts

Every day of the year from Monday to Sunday

Hammam Al Andalus, Santa Ana St.

One towel per customer is provided

Tour Description

Granada is one of the richest Spanish cities in terms of history. To tour it thoroughly requires a great expenditure of energy on the part of the visitor. That is why we recommend that during your stay, you save some time for relaxation by enjoying an Arabian bath. Immerse yourself in the history of the first bathhouse reopened in Europe after its closure in the 16th century. Located at the foot of the AlhambraThe experience is unforgettable, as you walk through the different rooms of the bath, sip a Moorish tea and listen to the water running and the oriental music in the background. The experience becomes unforgettable, while walking through the different rooms of the bath, tasting a Moorish tea and listening to the water running and the oriental music in the background.

The experience, if desired, includes a relaxing massage, with a choice of four essential oils with different properties.


The products that you can contract are:

  • BATH: Tour of thermal contrasts through the cold, warm, hot and steam rooms. The bath can be alternated with moments of relaxation in the rest room enjoying tea and Andalusian music.
  • BATH AND MASSAGE: In addition to the tradition of the Arabian bath, a massage is performed with essential oils that leave the skin soft and perfumed and produce a pleasant sensation of well-being.
  • BATH AND RITUAL AL - ANDALUS: It is the most complete service we offer: the client enjoys his bath and a traditional massage (15min.) followed by a relaxing massage (15 min.).

Ask us for availability in advance!


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