visita guiada de la torre del castillo en Jaén

5 must-see and do places in Jaén

7 november 2022

First time visitors to Jaén and its province will be impressed by its cultural interest, its monuments and even by its landscape full of olive trees. Although it is not one of the most touristic cities in Andalusia, there are many things to do in Jaén. Why visit Jaén capital? Within the province of Jaén... Read more

flores rojas cordobesas

Frequently asked questions about the courtyards of Cordoba

28 October 2022

The courtyards of Cordoba are one of the Andalusian city's greatest tourist attractions. They are places created to give light to the house and to ventilate it, but at the same time they are a meeting place for family and friends. Today we would like to take you into one of the most splendid periods of the city and... Read more

puente de Triana de noche con luces

The best things to do in Seville

12 october 2022

Sightseeing in Seville means soaking up the charm of a stately city, full of charm in each of its neighbourhoods, enjoying a stroll along the Guadalquivir River, eating high-quality tapas or visiting its majestic cathedral. It also has a wide range of proposals and plans to do in Seville. If you are thinking of visiting... Read more

imagen completa del patio de los leones

Curiosities you didn't know about the lions' courtyard

29 september 2022

The courtyard of the lions of the Alhambra in Granada is one of the most visited places and one that captures all our attention as soon as we enter. Also known as the Palace of the Ryad al Said, it is located in the centre of the fortified enclosure. It is undoubtedly one of the things to do and see in... Read more

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