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Medieval Seville

After the Christian reconquest, Seville became the capital of an extensive kingdom, of enduring civil and ecclesiastical validity.


Photographic-Cultural Gymkhana of Seville

Discover the historical-cultural essence of Seville through this activity by walking around the Cathedral, the Alcázar and the streets of its most emblematic neighborhood, the Barrio de Santa Cruz.


Seville Panoramic

Discover the magic and beauty hidden among its streets and squares. Of all the neighborhoods in Seville, Triana and Los Remedios are the most unique.


Fascinating Seville

Discover the wonderful Barrio de Santa Cruz, amazing for its old Jewish quarter and for its mysterious stories and legends in an authentic Andalusian atmosphere.


Islamic Seville

Get lost in the mysterious streets and beautiful courtyards and squares of the Barrio de Santa Cruz, the old Jewish quarter of Seville; Be amazed by its interesting stories and enigmatic legends.


Seville from a Movie

Tour the María Luisa Park, a public garden and the most famous park in the city of Seville. The Plaza de España and the Plaza de América were built in this park.


Seville Cathedral

Enjoy the Gothic art and history of Seville Cathedral. You will be amazed by its monumentality, chapels, courtyards, sculptures and of course, by the history of its famous "lizard".

Alcázar (7)

Real Alcázar of Seville

Walk through its splendid and well-kept gardens, its dazzling halls and rooms and its wonderful courtyards and palaces that house all the Islamic and Christian art of the time.


Monumental Seville

Discover the essence of Islamic, Mudejar and Gothic art in the city of Seville by visiting two of its most emblematic monuments: The Cathedral and the Real Alcázar.

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