Granada baños árabes
Granada baños árabes

Arab Bath

Immerse yourself in history

We advise you a little of that time dedicated to enjoy and relax especially in the Arab baths Granada . It has an extensive wine baths, massages and therapies that will transport them to the Muslim Granada of yesteryear.

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 Hammam Al Andalus, Calle Santa Ana

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Granada is one of the richest Spanish cities in terms of history.

Going through it thoroughly, requires a great expenditure of energy on the part of the visitor. That is why we recommend that during your stay, keep a space dedicated to relaxation enjoying an Arabic bath.

Immerse yourself in the history of the first bathroom reopened in Europe after its closure in the sixteenth century. Located at the foot of the Alhambra, on the ruins of what was thought an old hammam. The experience becomes unforgettable, while you go through the different rooms of the bathroom, you taste a Moorish tea and listen to the running water and oriental music in the background.

The experience, if you wish, includes a relaxing massage, being able to choose between four essential oils with different properties.



The products that you can contract are:

BATHROOM: Thermal contrasts through hot cold and steam rooms. The bathroom can alternate with moments of relaxation in the resting room enjoying tea and Andalusian music.

BATHROOM AND MASSAGE: To the tradition of the Arab bath is added a massage made with essential oils that leave the skin soft and perfumed and that produces a pleasant sensation of well-being.

BATHROOM AND RITUAL AL ​​- ANDALUS: It is the most complete service we offer: the client enjoys his bath and a traditional massage (15min.) Followed by a relaxing massage (15 min.).

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